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As incentive tax credits are dollar-for-dollar, common sense would dictate that software and technology companies with skilled, highly paid employees would be the greatest beneficiaries. With higher wages and employee work hours that can be tied directly to eligibility, incentives such as the R&D credit are tailor-made to reward the daily innovation of software developers — and the numbers are there to prove it.


For example, a BIS client who is a software developer received over $1 million in federal credits for creating applications allowing companies to more effectively administer user accounts. The application provided improved functionality, allowing users to generate requests for multiple systems using one request form.Technology and software development go hand-in-hand with R&D and other government-sponsored credits, and now is the time for software developers take advantage of the benefits.


Examples of software applications for any industry that may be eligible for R&D tax incentives include:

  • Accounting and Financial Software

  • Digital Asset Management Systems

  • Logistics Management Software

  • Document Management Systems

  • Educational Software

  • CRM Software

  • Database Management Systems

  • Analytical Software

  • Video Games and Game Creation Software

  • Food Marketing Software

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