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"We believe we can make a difference in a child's life."

BISKIDS is an evidence-based proactive prevention program against drugs and alcohol use. We use age-appropriate language, games, prizes, music, art, role playing, stories videos and fun to educate children about addiction and the important life skills they need to overcome adversity and promote a drug free lifestyle.


Parents and families are invited to join us on the second day and are encouraged to participate in a group workshop with their children. Skilled counselors lead all the group sessions and trained assistants help with program activities. "BISKIDS" (Believe in Sobriety Kids/Believe in Success Kids) encourages children to create a path to good health and well-being. We teach children skills that promote a drug free future.  The program empowers children by giving them a “tool box” they can use to promote the healthy development of life. It is educational, fun, and engaging! We believe in a drug free future for all children!


BISKIDS provides children and families confidence for a promising future by giving them an array of life-changing skills they can utilize to make healthy choices, and have the confidence to stay drug free. Thousands of children and youth experiment with alcohol, tobacco and drugs each year. Studies have shown that the earlier kids use, the more likely they are to become addicted. 

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As a non profit 501 3 (c ) corporation The BIS Foundation is supported by private grants, corporate sponsors, individual donations and private funding. Corporate partnerships, yearly fund raisers and individual scholarship donations allow us to offer this program to all children.

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