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Many businesses today struggle to attract needed talent and, at the same time, address high employment costs. Not surprisingly, for many companies, the recruiting, retention, and training of employees is a top priority.

With increasing globalization many companies face a growing gap between the talent needed to compete effectively and the pools of talent accessible to them. This gap may be at least partly bridged by taking advantage of employment-related tax credits and financial incentives that can reduce a company’s cost per hire and training cost per employee.


Our experience shows that many companies forgo millions of dollars in credits and incentives offered by federal, state and local governments, including point-of-hire credits, on an annual basis. Is your organization receiving its share?

Established in 1982, the Employer Reimbursement Program (ETP) is the premier program for supporting job creation and retention through hiring. The ETP has served over 80,000 California companies and has issued over $1.2 billion in training funds. Under the ETP, businesses determine their own training needs; develop action plans; and are involved in all aspects of the training.


Reimbursements cover all types of training including but not limited to: skills development; safety; leadership; management; business development; customer service; software; hazardous materials; literacy skills; manufacturing skills; medical skills; team building; problem solving; operations; process improvement; decisions making; evaluations; strategic planning; and numerous other categories.

BIS will manage the entire application and administration process. We will submit all necessary applications; communicate with appropriate ETP staff; manage the project through the life of the contract; and provide audit support services.

Furthermore, we don't get paid unless your training program gains Panel approval.


California companies have received over $1.2 billion in training reimbursement

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