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Profit Recovery and Smarter Cash Management

"It was a pleasure working with Business Incentive Solutions. They advised us that we might qualify for credits based on the research and development our business does, and sure enough, their team found it.  The process was seamless and the turn-around time quite fast. The money we received for the credits was a nice addition to our bottom line. We would definitely encourage other businesses to use Business Incentive Solutions."

  - Nancy Hernandez-Johnson, President 

AV Calibrations

"We were so surprise when we received a huge check from the state. Could not thank BIS enough for all they did for our business."

- Guillermo Gallardo President 
Complete Welding

"Business Incentive Solutions made the process quite simple! They asked for a few documents and records to review and the entire process was handled by their staff. As far as a company to do business with, Business Incentive Solutions is one of the best we have EVER dealt with."

- Duy Nguyen President Apparel Enterprises Co

"Business Incentive Solutions and their team were truly a pleasure to work with. They were very diligent in answering all our questions to ensure we were comfortable with the results. The substantial rebates we received were a huge ROI and we will definitely will use their services again."

- Brent Holmes, President CellTeks


"They were extremely knowledgeable. Business Incentive Solutions made the process quite simple!  Business Incentive Solutions has maintained close communication with us during the process, explaining what we needed to do and updating us on the progress. Based on our experience, Business Incentive Solutions is a company that delivered exactly what they said they would do. They did it in a timely manner with professional results."

- Jeffrey Strong CPA 

Strong, Veleker, Coleman, LLP

Any company that designs, develops, improves productprocesses, techniques, or software may be eligible for R&D credits.

"BIS made the process quite simple!"

Whether they are companies, strategic partners, or CPA firms, BIS clients are nearly always ready to share complementary words about our service, our consultants and our professionalism. Throughout our website, we have posted a sampling of their comments, excerpted from the many letters we receive. We will proudly make the full letters available upon request.

"One of the best decision we made was allowing BIS to come in and do what they do, recover a tremendous amount of money for our company. We cannot thank them enough for the great job they did for us. It had a superlative change in our business. No upfront money and they are well equipped at what they do. Thank you."

- Harold Grant CEO 
Grants Landscaping Services