Business Incentive Solutions

Profit Recovery and Smarter Cash Management


The U.S. offers some of the world's richest business development tax incentives, but chances are you're not taking advantage of them and getting the cash you deserve. As the pace of your business accelerates and competition increases, you may be more likely to overlook this source of cash because you lack the time, resources or expertise needed to identify and manage tax credit claims.

BIS has found many of our clients regard their own efforts to make new, lighter, stronger, cheaper, more reliable products as “just doing my job,” when in fact they have been performing business activities all along that would qualify them for lucrative incentives and credits. 

Companies in many different industries can qualify for the incentive tax credits, including:

  • Aerospace and defense 
  • Semiconductor 
  • Software 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Paper and forest products 
  • Chemicals and plastics 
  • Consumer products 
  • Automotive 
  • Oil and gas 
  • Food processing 
  • Entertainment and media 
  • Retail and textiles 
  • Construction and engineering

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"Thank you BIS for helping my business with a tax deduction that we are not used to dealing with.  It has made a significant difference and your consultants helped us to understand everything in simple manner..."

Many businesses are unaware that the government offers generous incentive programs.


  • The R&D tax credit will make the U.S. economically competitive in the field of research and development.

  • Encourage new investments in various U.S. states.

  • Promote the creation of new, highly skilled, high-paying jobs.

  • Complement United States manufacturing industries by encouraging innovation and efficiency in applying new technologies and producing new products.

FACT: Only about 5% of small – and medium – sized companies that could claim tax credits do so.