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Promoting Legacy Gifts or Planned Giving​Any nonprofit can solicit basic estate gifts, but organizations can also offer more complex giving vehicles, such as Charitable Gift Annuities.  The basic idea is that donors give assets to the organization for investment, but continue to derive some income from the investments during their lifetime. The donor gets tax benefits, and the nonprofit gets an immediate source of income.

Taking Partnerships to the Next Level: When the mission of a nonprofit is well-aligned with the social impact goals of a for-profit partner, together they can help to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to the most pressing social and economic problems.


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Nonprofit organizations want to work with a team that truly understands the issues they face. These include growing competition for donations and increased fiduciary requirements.  BIS has experience navigating the complexities that your organization may encounter.

There are numerous funding opportunities for nonprofit organizations. We work with you to build an effective plan designed to help fulfill your mission.  We have worked with schools, churches and theatrical groups. Funding sources and fund raising opportunities are always an issue.  Most organizations reach out to individual donors through a combination of direct mail appeals, newsletters, social networking, and special events. It’s important to develop relationships and maintain connections with your donors.  Once you get new donors, you must work to strengthen their engagement with your nonprofit. This often leads to higher gifts.

A nonprofit can solicit many types of individual donations, whether in the form of cash, pledges, stock in a company, property (real estate and personal), and more.  And assuming your organization is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3), donors can take a tax deduction in return.

​At the end of each year, particularly during challenging economic times, news reports of reduced donations and desperate nonprofits unable to serve their constituencies fill the airwaves and newspapers.  As consultants, we are always frustrated at the blame being placed on donors who just didn't come through. The reality is that an unrealistic expectation of financial support is often to blame but fortunately can be fixed.

Don't sit back and think that things will get better in terms of the economy or donor interest. Take Action! The most important thing is to do something to identify the areas where you may need to make changes in order to be more successful in providing service and or raising funds. Start planning your strategy to improve.

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Once a nonprofit is established enough to assure its donors that it will be around for years to come, it can start encouraging them to leave gifts via their estate, through a will, trust, or other beneficiary designation.

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