Business Incentive Solutions

Profit Recovery and Smarter Cash Management

Business Incentive Solutions is made up of licensed and experienced professionals who work in specialized areas to guarantee maximum opportunities across all industry segments.

Over the years we have found that many of our clients are not aware of some or all of the credits and incentives that they could claim. By not pursuing these available incentives, companies leave a lot of money "on the table." Other clients are aware of incentives they may qualify for, yet the effort of following through to make sure they are claimed prevents them from taking full advantage of the opportunity.

With literally thousands of credits and incentives at the state and federal level, it is a difficult task to keep up with the opportunities. Of course, identifying the opportunities is only the first step. The process of securing some credits and incentives is time consuming and requires expertise.

Our mission is to serve and strengthen U.S. businesses – we look forward to meeting with business owners to inform and educate them on all of the available credits and incentives that companies may qualify for.  Our Consultants structure their fee arrangements to provide zero financial risk to our clients. Instead of billing hourly for a service that may or may not yield results, consultants bill with a fee contingent on the actual benefits realized.

Visit our Case Studies page to view the examples we have posted. They will give you a sense of the depth of our work and our expertise in everything we do from quantifying and qualifying R&D credits to gathering and reviewing our clients’ supporting documentation.


Millions of dollars in tax credits, resulting in cash back from the IRS.

Permanent tax savings and financial statement benefit.

Created a vehicle to realize additional tax savings in future years.

Increased the market value, earnings power and cash flows of their company.

Lowered the company’s effective tax rate.

We work hard at delivering

thorough, high quality results.


Business Incentive Solutions helps clients take advantage of various federal and state research incentives.