Business Incentive Solutions

Profit Recovery and Smarter Cash Management

"One of the best decision we made was allowing Business Incentive Solutions to come in and do what they do, recover a tremendous amount of money for our company..."

Fact: 19 out of 20 small and medium businesses that are eligible for incentives, such as the R&D credit, are not claiming the benefits.

Pool Cleaning/Supply Company
S Corp /2 shareholders
One location / 25 employees
$115,000+ regional / national incentives realized

Commercial Construction Company 
S Corp / 4 Shareholders / 50+ employees 
One Location / Company worked in Western States
$262,000+ in regional/national incentives realized

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Discover, Uncover, Recover.

Auto Parts Store

C Corp/ One location/ 3 employees
$27,587 regional incentives realized

Wholesale Bakery
S Corp /2 shareholders
Two Locations / 15 employees
$128,000 state/federal incentives realized

Engineering Firm
C Corp /One location / 12 Employees
$55,000+ Regional incentives realized

Landscaping Company
S Corp /2 shareholders
Two Locations / 32 employees
$92,000 regional/federal incentives realized

Manufacturing Company
S Corp /2 Shareholders
One location/ 11 employees
$146,069 regional/national incentives realized


Roofing Company
C Corp /3 locations / 60 employees
Locations in Eastern States
$348,000 state/federal incentives realized