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"I would recommend Business Incentive Solutions to any business in our city. They are professional in all aspects and we were able to recover a substantial amount of money because of their efforts..."

Does your business perform activities that qualify for various federal and state incentives and credits?


 Great things in business are never done by one person.  

​They are done by a team of people. 

Smart CPA's and Accounting firms seek outside assistance with tax areas that require highly specialized knowledge and experience. There are over 7,000 federal, state and local credits and incentives available for businesses. Many of those incentives require specific procedures and methodologies. 

For example in order for a business to claim the "energy credit", an EECBTD study must be completed by an engineering firm certified in LEED, Energy Star and ASHRAE. An IRS and DOE approved software must also be used in the calculations. 

The WOTC and Empowerment hiring credits require extensive HR documentation with knowledge of certification and filing requirements. 

R & D credits must be quantified and substantiated for both federal and state agencies. An R & D study can be very extensive and time consuming. Calculating the R & D is a multi-stage process. It is smarter to engage a consulting specialist that works specifically in these areas of credits and incentives. BIS does not do what the CPA firm does. By working together it is a "win-win" for everyone involved.

The BIS TEAM includes savvy business specialists who are experts in their field. The team includes CPA's, MBA's, tax attorneys, engineers, business developers, senior consultants, IT specialists and numerous professionals who know how to substantiate opportunities for our clients.

We provide comprehensive services that require keeping track of the constant changing laws and regulations. Our job is to keep our clients up to date and knowledgeable. We do this every day as we assist in the interpretation and translation of the business incentives our clients may be entitled to claim. Our teamwork and experience have created a great deal of success and millions of dollars in credits for our clients. We understand their priorities and their business.

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According to a recent Bloomberg Business article, research and development tax credits are often overlooked by entrepreneurs, who assume they must have on-site laboratories or breakthrough research to claim the credits.  Small and midsize companies don’t know how to capture qualified research expenses and quantify them.

We firmly believe that in order to grow jobs, encourage innovation, and compete in the global economy, all American businesses need to take full advantage of the government-sponsored credits & incentives that our government has made available and wants businesses to claim!